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102-year-old grandmother was visited by the bottle lamb

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Bottle lamb visiting 102-years-old grandmother

Grandma Ragnhild has always loved animals. She grew up on a small farm with sheep and cows. Before school started, she was always in the barn with the animals. Today we visited our 102-year-old grandmother/great-grandmother. We had with us the bottle lamb Ragnhild, who is named after her. This was truly a great moment that left its mark on our hearts.

Many thanks to Camilla Vatland Steinsland who let me share the picture and text. I have a deep respect for how much animals mean to us humans, and how positive and life-giving it is to be visited by animals. It is beneficial for us humans to associate with animals. Animals are excellent energy workers, and many experience them as four-legged therapists.

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Sissel Grana, Animal communicator


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