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Online Animal communication Course for beginners.

  • Have you ever wondered what an animal is thinking?
  • Do you want to understand animals better?
  • Would it be nice to help animals?

Renowned animal communicator Sissel Grana and her animal teachers will teach you how to communicate and understand animals even better!

You will learn how to send and recive information telephatically.

You do not need "special innate abilities" to make it happen. Everyone can learn to talk to animals. 

Many satisfied participants communicate with animals after the course. 

  • You will learn techniques to quiet your mind, so you can connect with the animals.  
  • You do not have to own animals or to have special "abilities" or prior knowledge to participate. If you love animals and want to communicate with them, you are welcome! A cat, a dog and a horse are waiting to talk to YOU!


    You can see the course / videos whenever you like after January 6.th. You have access for 8 weeks. 
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The beginners course

If you love animals and want to communicate with them you are welcome til my nline animal communication course. I will teach you everything you need to know. On the course, we will communicate with a cat, a dog and a horse. You will learn what you need to be able to communicate. Sissel will tell you how to send and recive signals. You will learn about meditation, energy work and etics

Se my wideo


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After the beginners course: 
You can join the online animal communication school i february 2022

See wideo below



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USD 288,-

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USD 155 x 2

Total USD 310,-

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Animal Communication Advanced

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