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Book a telephone or online session

Animal communication session with your animal 
I do not want information in advance, just a picture. You can ask questions during the session. You can be together with the animal or apart. I do not work with missing animals.

Session for yourself:
I work intuitively according to your wishes:

  • Healing 
  • Conversation
  • Reading (I "read" your soul) and you can get messages from your helpers
  • Conversation with people without language (in coma, alzheimer's etc)
  • Mediumship (communication with people or animals on the other side)
  • Regression (past lives)
  • Self-development 

Below you book your session in the calendar. Please chooce your language. You will receive an email with confirmation and if animal communication information about where to send the picture. I speak english and norwegian.

Do you need an emergency appointment or a session 
except my working hours? Please send SMS to +4740841784 or email [email protected] Price surcharge: NOK 500.

All prices are in NOK (Norwegian krone)
All sessions are private, even if google traslate it as a class.