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A conversation with the soul of a mother

sissel grana telepathy
woman with red frowers

I came in contact with a lady who is no longer alive. She told a little about herself, so my customers understood who I was in contact with. The family members had the phone on the loudspeaker, while I told what she conveyed.

Weird energies?

Among other things, she talked about my customers having abilities themselves as well, they were open to energy. But I was a little shocked when she told me that her daughter used to work with "weird energies". I have never received such a message from a soul before!

What kind of energy work do you do every day, I asked her daughter. Your mom thinks you're working on weird energies!

The daughter laughed and told me that her mother was Danish. In Denmark, "rar" is a positive word, she said. It means nice or kind. In Norwegian, "rar" is a word that means weird. So quite rightly: The daughter worked with good energy!

I am always impressed by these souls, who manage to give such clear signs of who they are. And I have to say I love her mother's humor!

Sissel Grana

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