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Thank you very much for helping our pony!

animal communication horse sissel grana
A brown pony with a red stable in the background

Ida had bought a new pony and wanted to know how this pony was doing and contacted me to interpret what it had to say. Here is a letter I received from Ida that I am glad I have been allowed to share with you.

Hi Sissel.

I have always been curious about the alternative. We bought a pony 3 months ago and via a web search I found you, Sissel, who had good references as an animal communicator. I Thought then that it would be exciting to try to get to know this pony.

You interpreted well where my pony was hurting

You told me several things that I could recognize and that matched my impressions. You located some locations in the pony that were not completely good, and recommended a therapist. The therapist found the same things that you saw in your interpretation. The pony had pain in the right buttocks, stress in the neck and jaw, and teeth that needed treatment.


The pony seemed to be doing well and I wanted a new conversation to hear if the problem areas had improved. Then you could tell that the pony was in pain in the hoof and that I should call a veterinarian to look into it. I thought about this for a few days, because the pony seemed to be absolutely fine. Suddenly in training, it went a few steps lame. We got a vet to look at her, and she could tell that the pony was lame. It is a condition that causes her to have pain in her hoof.


The pony calmed down after you talked to it

The pony then had to be in the stable to rest, this feels very difficult for her since she does not like to be there alone and is an energetic pony. I called you and you gave the pony healing and told her that it was important to be calm to get well again. The pony calmed down in the stable and seems to cope very well.

Thank you for helping me with my pony

I feel a deep gratitude that there are many things we would not have seen or done if we did not receive this information from you. What you as an animal communicator conveyed means that we can take better care of the pony. It is not always easy to see for yourself where horses are in pain, they often hide their small and large ailments. I feel confident that you provide valuable information and have seen that what you say is true❤️

You are a very nice lady to talk to, and you give honest answers.

Thank you very much for the good help ❤️ You are highly recommended.

Regards Ida and the dream pony

Thank you Ida for sharing your experience with one of my services. If you want me to interpret what your pet has to say then you can book a session here.

Animal communicator Sissel Grana