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The bear attacks the elk: - CRUEL

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Bear attacks elk

"Bear attacks moose: - Cruel"

This is the headline in Norway's largest newspaper, and then they share the video so everyone can see it. The video has gone viral, and many in the comments field wonder why the man did not intervene and save the elk. 



And I'm sitting here and I'm so sad. Sure, a battle of life and death is painful to watch, but such is nature. It is natural that some kill and some are eaten. Without this, nature would not have been in balance.

An important lesson early in life


I remember an experience from my childhood. A falcon had taken a pigeon, and I ran desperately out into the garden to save it. I managed to scare away falcon, and the injured pigeon was fed in a shoebox at our house. I was happy with the rescue operation until my big sister came home.

"Now the falcon must kill another bird to get food," she said.


I had not thought of that. The poor bird in the shoebox died the same day. Instead of being food for the falcon, we buried it in the garden. And I made some important reflections. I knew to myself that two birds died that day instead of one. And I saw the meaninglessness in "my dove" being buried instead of giving life to the falcon.


We must get in touch with nature again


I think the biggest problem for us humans nowadays is that we have moved so completely away from nature. We associate the course of life and obtaining food with being kind and naughty. We think it is cruel that animals get food, so they can live on and not die themselves.


We are satisfied with our commitment to animals and the environment at the same time as we have completely removed ourselves from nature and the natural. We call ourselves environmentally friendly, at the same time as we buy shoes and clothes made of plastic and artificial fabrics. We buy kitchen utensils and sensors in plastic instead of wood. Many reject nature's own materials, which without artificial and toxic substances will become life-giving soil when the time comes.


We humans need to reconnect with nature. We are and will be a part of it, even though many seem to have forgotten just that.

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