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The cat told the animal communicator about his pain

animal communication cat sissel grana telepathy

Dear Sissel. In the animal interpreting session, you picked up what my cat Bernhard told you. He said that he had pain in the back and in the right side of his hind body.  I did not get in touch with the osteopath you recommended, so as a former masseur, I thought that I will try to treat him myself.

Everything is so much easier when you know where to look. He was very stiff all over the right side, mostly in the thigh and the tail. So eventually, after getting a massage daily, my boy blossomed. And who would have thought that this handsome guy in the picture is an old man of thirteen years!

We are both incredibly grateful for the help we have received. ❤️

I got goosebumps when he called himself my support contact (personal assistant) through life. The way you expressed yourself when you conveyed the messages, was very much like him. (a kind of cheeky perfection). What he said about us always being together and that I will never leave him to go on holiday.  He used to bite me really hard in the nose at night after every time I came home after being away.

I was actually considering killing him before I contacted you. He seemed so sad and old, and lame. But that is certainly not the case anymore. He seems so happy all the time. And it's like we've got an even stronger bond❤️

This was written by Olga Koneva Gudkov. Thank you so much for letting me share it on the blog. Nothing is better than animals getting help because of my animal interpreting lessons! It is so nice that the owner used her massage skills to help her thankful cat. Best regards Sissel Grana.

Feel free to share this blog. <3

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