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The drawing from the other side

sissel grana telepathy
Irmelin Lundstad

Many years ago I knew a man. For almost thirty years we had no contact. Our life paths had taken us in different directions.

I was abroad with a spiritual friend. We relaxed in our room after intense course days. I had worked with meditation and channeling, and she had worked with spiritual art. She had for a long time worked on drawing portraits of the deceased, and conveying messages from their souls. She sat and drew while I was on social media.

Suddenly I quacked. I saw that a mutual friend wrote that my old friend was dead.

-Ohhhh no, I said. Someone I knew many years ago is dead.

- Is he here? asked my friend Irmelin. She turned the drawing towards me, and a slender thin-haired man looked at me from her paper. She said that the dead man in the drawing had just contacted her.

-No, I replied. And then I told about what he looked like, about his beautiful bright locks, his muscular body, and his strong shining eyes. I told her a little about him and the relationship we had had a long time ago.

Here you must see, I said. Then I searched for his name, and pictures of him popped up online.

I froze. I had not thought that no one is forever young. My friend had grown older, and he looked exactly like she had drawn him!

It was touching and nice that his soul came by, to say goodbye to me after his death.

Out of respect for him and his family, I will not share the drawing here. But if you want to know more about Irmelin and her spiritual art, you can take a look here.

Sissel Grana