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The horse and the boy

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The horse Tresfjordingen, popularly called Luggen, I bought as a 5-month-old colt, says Kjersti Rypdal Vik. He is now 16 years old. In the picture, he is enjoying himself with Kjerstis's son, Jakob, almost 7 years old.

When working with animals, it is important to be able to read the animals and see that they are well and thriving. Here Kjersti shares her story about her horses and what support they gave when they had a difficult time.

We run a farm/stable in Tresfjord, Norway. We have between 35-40 horses and conduct tourist riding and breeding. My daughter competes on Icelandic horses. We are very focused on animal welfare, and that all the animals we have should be as well as possible. Something I think the pictures show. Luggen is a safe and good horse, who is only kind.

Horses provide good therapy

It is good therapy for us humans to be with animals. We lost our eldest daughter 9.5 years ago, she had a genetic diagnosis that caused her to constantly lose skills, and she died at 8.5 years old. Without the horses, I simply do not know how any of us would have been. 

Jakob, the boy in the pictures, is a very healthy boy ❤️ He is active, and finds a lot of joy in being with the horses. We also have a 1.5-year-old girl.

Now we are investing quite a lot, and by the autumn the new stable will be finished.

We are concerned that the horses should be used on their terms and that nothing should be forced. We tame and train them in a way that they want to be with us, and that they feel safe and taken care of by us.

I think it is important that the horses have a "YES" expression, and that they show with their whole body that they like their job.

Thanks to Kjersti Rypdal Vik for sharing this story with me and letting me share it with you. 

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