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What the horse said about her equine therapist

animal communication horse sissel grana telepathy

I talked Trulte, a Norwegian fjord horse. What a personality she has got! Trulte told me about some health problems and pains. I was thinking about recommending a skilled animal therapist. 

-It is not necessary, the horse replied. -I already have a brilliant therapist! My therapist is skilled, flexible, open-minded, and a little philosophical! She thinks outside the box, and she helps me a lot.

I did not know the therapist, but I contacted her to tell her how thankful Trulte is for all the help.  The therapist was happy about the message. ❤ She felt the horse's description was correct. She was an equine therapist and worked with chiropractic, osteopathy, acupuncture, pulse diagnostics, laser, and massage.

The therapist also told me that she has felt heat flowing out of her hands. She is undoubtedly a healer.
I think the therapist Irene Maudahl deserves all the kind words from the horse! ❤

Talking to animals is always just as nice!
See the picture below.

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Kind regards Animal communicator Sissel Grana