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Dog, where is your snot?

animal communication dog sissel grana
two dogs, one with normal and one with short snout

Compare these two snouts, and you will see how extreme some breeds have been bred. Next time you want to buy a dog, think twice. Unfortunately, much of what we humans think is sweet and pretty is both bothersome and/or painful for dogs. 

We have bred dogs with a flat face, perhaps because we ourselves have it and think it is cute. The result is a dog that strives to get enough air every single minute it lives. 

It's animal cruelty

Some short-nosed animals die every year because they do not breathe normally. Some die on flights, some die from overheating and some die during play or activity. Many people live life with severe limitations due to breathing difficulties.

Unfortunately, not all show judges and breeders are aware of their responsibilities. Conscious puppy buyers must lead the way. No buyers - no unethical breeding. It's that simple. Several breeds have different health problems. Familiarize yourself with it, before you decide which breed you want.

Thanks for sharing this important message.

Greetings animal communicator Sissel Grana.

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