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What happened to your nose, cat?

animal communication cat sissel grana
flat nose cat

Have you seen a cat breathing with its mouth open? Fortunately, it is rare. Unlike dogs and humans, the cat will only breathe through its nose. When cats struggle to breathe, cats breathe with their mouths open.

I mean it's animal cruelty.

It is inconceivable that cats are purposefully bred with such deformed noses that they struggle to breathe. I mean it's animal cruelty.

Below you see pictures of a cat with a normal face and one cat with a flat face. 

Take a good look at the tiny noses of the poor cat with an imprinted face. Living with a deformed face can cause many health problems, such as problems with breathing, eyes, mouth/eating, and inhibiting other natural behaviors.

If you love animals, do not buy breeds where the appearance of the animals makes the animals suffer.

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Greetings animal communicator Sissel Grana.

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