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How a cat started a new family

animal communication cat sissel grana
Two cats together on a railing

This is the story of Charlie and how he persuaded his owner to bring a new cat into the family. Thanks to Anne-Karin who shared this story with me and let me share it with you.

This is Charlie, a kind and caring cat

A new cat joins the family

The cat Charlie and I lived in Fredrikstad, Norway. One early evening in May 2007, I heard Charlie say he wanted to come in. When I opened the front door, he wanted me to follow him around the corner. And there she stood who was to be my Selma. A cat of just under 9 months, very thin and almost without fur. She was a sad sight. I fed her and while she ate, Charlie walked around her making sure she was safe.

Selma, she needed time to get used to people

From being only two, to become four in the family

I spent two weeks getting her into the house, as she was extremely scared. After I got her in, only Charlie was allowed to be near her.

One night she suddenly came to me and lay down and purred. I was extremely shocked, but stroked her stomach. Later that night, I realized why she had let me stroke her. She was in labor, and she gave birth to a beautiful, healthy little girl.

Selma was the best mother and she was extremely protective of her little daughter. Her daughter, whom I called Papi Lindo, eventually began to come to me. We formed strong ties. Selma still would not come to me, so I let her have the time she needed.

This is Papi Lindo

Should I keep the cats?

I had planned to find a new home for both Selma and Papi Lindo, but as the months went by I became so fond of them both that I decided that they were where they belong. There was a reason why my wise Charlie had taken Selma home.

It took 5 years before Selma was comfortable enough to come over to me so I could bend down to pat her. Although Selma did not connect with me until the last years of her life, she had her own little family, a man she trusted 100% and loved very much, and a daughter she loved and with whom she was allowed to be with her whole life ❤️

Thanks to Anne-Karin Wangberg Dahl who let me share this wonderful story about how Charlie got to have his family living with him, and how Anne-Karin took Selma into the family.

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