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The sign came when i needed it the most

animal communication dog sissel grana
a dog on a stony beach

Sometimes we experience signs that show that we are not alone. Anita Olsen had a tough day, but suddenly there was a sign that filled her with joy.

He gave me a sign when I needed it the most

I borrowed Diesel for 4 years as a walking companion, after I lost my own dog, says Anita Olsen. We got into a very close relationship and he became a good friend. I was very sad when he had to leave us, and it took a long time before I was able to walk past the house where he lived.

A few months after he died, I was sitting at the train station in Bodø, Norway. I was on my way home after cancer treatment at the hospital. Suddenly I saw something down next to my foot. I was filled with joy. He gave me a sign when I needed it the most.

Can you see the similarity?


Thanks to Anita Olsen for sharing this story and photos with me and letting me share it with you. Feel free to share it with your friends.

Animal communicator Sissel Grana

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