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Animal Communication for beginners

Have you ever wondered what an animal is thinking?

Do you want to understand animals better? 

Do you want to help animals and give them better lives?
Renowned animal communicator Sissel Grana and her animal teachers will teach you how to communicate and understand animals even better!

You will learn how to send and recive information telephatically.

Everyone can learn to talk to animals.

Animal Communication for beginners

USD 288

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Animal Communication for beginners

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Animal Communication Advanced

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Want to know more about animal communication?

 Watch this video!


About Sissel Grana

I have the privilege to help animals and humans.

My goal is to make the life path of others brighter.

I am an animal communicator / animal interpreter, healer, clairvoyant, medium, shaman and spiritual teacher.  

Read my story

A new world

I want to thank Sissel for opening a whole new world for me.

I never thought I could communicate with animals, but I was wrong.

Anne Karin Bjørke

Dream come true

It was a dream come true when I started at Sissels animal communication course.

Marit Hesvik

Changed my life

Everything I learned at Sissels Animal communication courses changed my life.

Sissel is a skilled teacher and supervisor, with great knowledge and exciting insight.

Vibeke Hoff

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Get resources, motivation, and guided activities delivered to your inbox: